Sion Orgon – Recognition Journal


My new mini Lp ‘Recognition Journal’ is soon to be released by Lumberton Trading Company.

The album will initially appear as a digipak CD and download (distributed by Cargo Records UK), then later on as 12″vinyl (with bonus CDr)

As always the Recognition Journal features guest such as Thighpaulsandra and Gaz Williams (Rocketgoldstar, Underworld).

” Orgon’s music draws from electronics, prog, avant-garde, pop and rock, but ultimately sounds only like Sion’s own work. This is his first album since 2008′s ‘The Zsigmondy Experience‘ (also on LTCo) and first release since the ‘Into the Dark’ 7″ on Fourth Dimension Records, both of which also included collaborations with the late Peter Christopherson of Coil/TG. ‘Recognition Journal’ will go into production this month and can be pre-ordered. Its cover art is derived from a photo that one of Sion’s uncle’s took in Burma after WWII (and is in keeping with the idea of the art Splintered used on our ‘Noumena’ album, which came from a postcard sent by one of Steve Pittis’ relatives and likewise provoked sometimes contrasting thoughts)”.


001 CD DIGIPAK 4PP digital


Sion Orgon & Amen Tma 

In March of 2014 I was asked by LOM Records to remix a track for Bratislava (Slovakia) based avant-garde noise merchants Amen Tma.

This is first release by Amen Tma, the duo have worked together on different projects under the guises Angakok Thoth, Poo, 1/x, and Odpal.

The album Insect Phonetics Research features new tracks from Amen Tma as well as remixes by myself Loyu,& Apos, Drakh, Makkatu, Rentip, Urbanfailure, RBNX.

You can view the history of Amen Tma here – 

Amen TMA




The album Insect Phonetics Research will be released on the 10/10/14 by the Slovakian experimental music label LOM.






Sion Orgon and Fourth Dimension Records proudly announce the release of their new 7″ single , Into The Dark.

“Representing the second entry in the Fourth Dimension Singles Club, this is the latest release from the Welsh weaver of molten electronic sounds, avant-garde sensibilities and, indeed, versatile pop/rock where surprises are forever the order of the day. The two pieces here are the first from Thighpaulsandra/Coil affiliate, Orgon, since 2009. Both A and B-side’s features the late Peter Christopherson /Coil and Throbbing Gristle, Thighpaulsandra himself and Seb Goldfinch. Limited to 250. Out in October 2012. Available to pre-order at or”