Sion Orgon & Amen Tma 

In March of 2014 I was asked by LOM Records to remix a track for Bratislava (Slovakia) based avant-garde noise merchants Amen Tma.

This is first release by Amen Tma, the duo have worked together on different projects under the guises Angakok Thoth, Poo, 1/x, and Odpal.

The album Insect Phonetics Research features new tracks from Amen Tma as well as remixes by myself Loyu,& Apos, Drakh, Makkatu, Rentip, Urbanfailure, RBNX.

You can view the history of Amen Tma here – 

Amen TMA




The album Insect Phonetics Research will be released on the 10/10/14 by the Slovakian experimental music label LOM.






Sion Orgon and Fourth Dimension Records proudly announce the release of their new 7″ single , Into The Dark.

“Representing the second entry in the Fourth Dimension Singles Club, this is the latest release from the Welsh weaver of molten electronic sounds, avant-garde sensibilities and, indeed, versatile pop/rock where surprises are forever the order of the day. The two pieces here are the first from Thighpaulsandra/Coil affiliate, Orgon, since 2009. Both A and B-side’s features the late Peter Christopherson /Coil and Throbbing Gristle, Thighpaulsandra himself and Seb Goldfinch. Limited to 250. Out in October 2012. Available to pre-order at or”