Robots and Electronic Brains Half Empty (Compilation Album)

Released March 2003 on Rokit Records

Sion OrgonDrwg Cariad.
A CD given away free with issue #13 of Robots And Electronic Brains and issue #8 of Empty in March 2004. The disc is divided into 5 sections featuring work from over 43 experimental music artists. 




Sion OrgonOrgonised Chaos

Released January 2004
 Experimental Seafood Records (EXP 05 CD)
Orgonised Chaos is Sion Orgon’s debut album.
The album was picked up by BBC Radio 3′s left of field music programme Mixing It and lead to Sion recording a 4 track session at BBC Maidavale. The album also received great reviews worldwide.




Thighpaulsandra with Sion Orgon and Martin Schellard - Rape Scene
Released August 2004 on Ochre Records (OCH049LCD)

Rape Scene is the third album by Thighpaulsandra. The album was recorded live in the studio, and is credited to “Thighpaulsandra with Siôn Orgon and Martin Schellard”





Sion Orgon – Live In Session / BBC Radio 3 Mixing It

A 3 track live session recorded at BBC Maidavale Studio in London 2004

Featuring the talents of Thighpaulsandra, Gaz Williams and Frank Naughton





Sion OrgonThe Zsigmondy Experience

Released July 2008, Lumberton Trading Company (LUMBCD009)

The Zsigmondy Experience is Sion Orgon’s second studio album
The album features various collaborations with artist’s such as Peter Christopherson (Coil), Thighpaulsandra (Coil and Julian Cope), Mike Edwards (Jesus Jones) and members of Rocketgoldstar.




Autumn Blood Construction’s (Compilation)

Sion OrgonReverse Engineer

Released September 2009
Lumberton Trading Company (LUMB012)
An album gathering some of the artists who’ve so far appeared on LTC plus several affiliates we like very much. Features mostly exclusive material by Steven Severin, Peter Christopherson and Sion Orgon.




Sion Orgon  – Into The Dark

Released July 2012 on Fourth Dimension Records (FDS82)
“This is the latest release from the Welsh weaver of molten electronic sounds, avant-garde sensibilities and, indeed, versatile pop/rock where surprises are forever the order of the day. Both sides of this record  features the late Peter Christopherson, Thighpaulsandra and Seb Goldfinch.”