Gwyn Emberton Dance (2017)

Sound Design & Music Composition

The 1hr 15 min score for RAFT was created using mostly modular synthesis, the hacking of poitical speeches and the minipulation of field recordings for playback at venues.

Set against a backdrop of our shifting politics and opinions of migration, five of the company’s extraordinary dancers explore a world that could be far away from home.

“Battered by a fierce musical soundscape ranging from tunes for each of the UK home nations, discordant extracts of speeches and broadcasts and Sion Orgon’s throbbing, unrelenting pounding experimental music.”


“The five dancers in turn are alone, supported or lost in strongly enacted ebb-flowing tides beneath Sion Orgon’s brutalist sound design, offering no rest for our frayed senses.” Wales Art Review

“From the outset, high production values are evident with Sion Orgon’s pulsating soundscape drawing you into a brutal, abstract landscape”

Buzz Magazine.