Light, Ladd & Emberton (2014- 2019)

Sound Design and Music Composition

The 1hr long score for Caitlin is made up of tracks taken from the 8 Thighpaulsandra albums I’ve worked on as a musician. The music and sound design is mixed and manipulated live in multitrack format to create impact and dynamic with the performers.

Caitlin has been touring internationally for 5 years including two season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and sold out performance as part of Wales in Calcutta Festival 2019.


In a circle of chairs, set out for an AA meeting Caitlin makes a determined effort to deal with her tempestuous past. The audience sits in the circle with Caitlin as she revisits her life with Dylan. It is a relationship fuelled by love, addiction, jealousy and infidelity. As Caitlin and Dylan drink, fight, love and leave each other the unoccupied chairs become part of the action in this physical and powerful duet. Cailtin won best Dance Production at the National Theatre Wales Awards 2016.







“The contribution of Thighpaulsandras & Sion Orgon’s brilliantly diverse soundtrack to the whole piece could too easily be overlooked, so well does it run with the drama. There are, for example, two occasions where a tolling bell underscores the way Caitlin is – admittedly of her own volition.”  The Gurdian


“The soundscore of Thighpaulsandra manipulated by Sion Orgon punctuate the action with unnerving accuracy.”


“Music from Thighpaulsandra & Sion Orgon compliments the piece beautifully and works well to dictate the pace of the piece.”