Deborah Light (2013 – 2016)

The score for HIDE was made by manipulating field recordings and pre recorded text live in software which embelished the performers movments. The sound was then played out in quadraphonic sound to create the illusion of movement in the space.

HIDE delves under the skin of its creators, performers and audiences. It interrogates the multiplicity of human nature by blurring the boundaries between autobiography and fiction, and between reality and the show. In doing so it deals with notions of (dis)appearance and (in)visibility?

“Sion Orgon’s sound score for the piece is otherwise original and somewhat Cageian in that he uses the sounds created during the development of the piece. Sounds of doors slamming, marbles rolling across the floor, taps and toilets are amongst those he has processed and manipulated. Some are hidden, others more or less revealed, adding another layer of richness to the piece”. Wales Art Review

“The original live soundtrack (devised by Sion Orgon) was very pleasing to the ear. It included birdsong, sounds of crowds, metronomic musical moments (performers moved arms and legs in rhythm to the sounds), classical choral music and avant garde snatches of music.” The Guardian