Earthfall Physical Theatre –  2008/2013

Music Composition & Sound Design

I have scored and performed with friend and co musician Frank Naughton (Rocketgoldstar) 5 projects for the Award Winning Cardiff based Physical Theatre company Earthfall. We have toured extensively nationally and some of the works have been nominated for BAFTA awards. All Earthfall productions are very demanding, they are normally 1 hour and 15 minutes of purely live original music based on a theme and played in tandem with dance/movement, text and film.





There’s a strong sense of mood in the accompanying music: it ranges from aching plangent accordion to thrumming rock, overlaid with militaristic rhythms played to precision. The Guardian.



The mood and the narrative are driven by the excellent music, an eclectic mix of punk, folk and rock that produces a soundtrack of intense, if unfocused, emotion. The Guardian.



The excellent and very original live music, by Frank Naughton, Sion Orgon and Felix Otaola, goes from melodic indie to thumping eclectic rock. The diverse collection of  musical styles matches the choreography and drives the piece forward with force. The Independant