Thighpaulsandra Imagery

Thighpaulsandra  – Consumer Electronics – Video & Album Artwork – 2019

Thighpaulsandra  – Did He Fall – Video and Album Art Work – 2015

Video composition & Production

Making Thighpaulsandras video for the album track “Did He Fall” was a large experiment. I continued using the same imagery that I captured when I took the photo shoot for The Golden Communion album cover. I experimented with filming moving and still images that were projected on to wall’s then manipulated in software as well as filming the two golden performers and Thighpaulsandra on black backgrounds.


Thighpaulsandra  – Black Nurse Live In Avignon -2010

Video Production

This video was made to help promote the Thighpaulsandra single Black Nurse. Made from one still camera. Filmed in Avingnon, France 2010.


Thighpaulsandra – Live Visuals – 2017-2018

Video Composition

The design and programming of a live interactive video for the 2017 -2018 Thighpaulsandra world tour.


URUK – 2017

Video Composition

Design and programming of live visuals for URUK  european  2017 ( URUK are Thighpaulsandra & Massimo Philliop from the band  ZU)